How to use The Iron Fit Food Protein Bars to Lose Weight

Lose Weight with IronFit Food Protein Bars

Many people are willing to try our protein bars in order to lose weight.

The Iron Fit Protein Bars are perfect if to lose weight. We keep getting a lot of questions regarding how to use our protein bars to drop weight. Here is how.

First of all, we recommend doing sport in order to burn excessive calories. This shouldn’t be an issue, since it is quite easy in Bangkok and more generally in Thailand to find a gym or even a park where you can run or do some outdoor workouts. Second, we advise you to keep your diet under control and add the Iron Fit Food protein bars in a proper, balanced diet.

For example, assuming that your daily caloric intake is 2000 calories, which is most likely the daily caloric intake of an individual of about 170cm per 70kg that is moderately active, you should try to reduce it by about 500 calories per day to lose half a Kg per week. Consider also that losing more than this amount of weight per week is not healthy, can give you permanent stretch marks and will be very easy to revert, so take good care in planning your diet for long term results. Hence, the following is a good example of a 1500 calories daily diet plan that can make you lose the above-said weight:

Ironfit food protein bars to lose weight

This is what we care about: your nutrition and your fitness goals!

1 meal (Breakfast):

4 Egg Whites 14.4 Proteins 68 cal

1 Whole Eggs 6g proteins cal 78

100g Uncooked Oats 2.4 proteins 68 Calories

22.8 Proteins 214 Calories


2 meal (Snack):

Iron Fit Food Performance Protein Bar

21 Proteins 178 Calories


3 meal (Lunch)

150 g of Chicken Breast 46.5 g Protein 248 cal

80 g Brown Rice 2g Protein 88 cal

75 g Mixed Vegetables 2.2 Protein 37 Cal

1 tablespoon olive oil o protein 45 calories

50.7 Proteins 418 Cal


4 meal (Snack/Post Workout)

Iron Fit Food Original Plus Protein Bar

24 Proteins 260 Cal


5 meal (Dinner)

140g Tilapia or any white fish 40 Protein 191 Cal

100 g Steamed Broccoli 3g Proteins 34 Calories

1 tablespoon olive oil 0 protein 45 calories

43 Proteins 270 cal

6 meal (Pre-sleep Snack)

20g Almonds 4g Proteins 115 cal

100g Greek Yogurt 10g Protein 59 cal

Protein 16g 174 cal

TOTAL 177.5g PROTEINS | 1514 CAL

As you can see, this plan really focuses on splitting the daily caloric intake into several meals, 6 to be precise, in order to increase the nutritional intake and boost your metabolism. Also, it provides a big amount of proteins, which are the “bricks” that your body needs in order to build muscles and burn fat.

If your goal is to lose weight, also consider to add some aerobic exercise in your routine (treadmill, running, riding a bike are great options).

By the way, the above plan can be modified and integrated depending on your needs, personal caloric intake, goals and requirements.

Moreover, The Iron Fit Food Protein Bars and Snacks contain BCAA and glutamine that help your body to recover faster from a workout and to be active during your daily routine! What else? It sounds like the best protein bars you can get in Thailand isn’t it?

In a nutshell, taking an Iron Fit Food Protein Bar always with you is the key to avoid eating junk food and follow your diet plan everywhere to lose weight in the most convenient way possible.

Good Luck and remember, the 30% happens in the gym, the other 70% happens in the kitchen!

by Matteo Iannelli