Can Healthy Protein Bars Really Help You Lose Weight? Six Factors to Consider

The funny thing about proteins is that they tend to go in and out of fashion. They really do. The good news is that protein bars never go out of fashion. That much is true. Healthy protein bars have been around for quite some time, and their demand level does not show any signs of disappearing any time soon. With that said, there are certain trends within healthy protein bars. Their composition tends to shift based on popular demand and tastes. It is important to note that the reason why protein bars remain in such demand is because they are supposed to help you maintain your muscle mass while at the same time assisting you to lose weight.

This is a very tricky proposition. Not all protein bars that claim to be protein bars do a good job of maintaining your muscle mass, on the one hand, and helping you shed a few pounds on the other. This is a delicate mission, and accordingly you have to play close attention to the ingredients of the protein bars you are consuming. You cannot just hit the gym and go through your weight-training cycle and indiscriminately eat one type of protein bar one day and another type the next day.

If you were to allow yourself to be guided primarily by your sense of taste, you probably will not get the full value out of healthy protein bars. You really will not. Make no mistake about it. These proteins are not created equal. We, at Ironfit Food Thailand Protein Bars, know a lot about this and don’t add sugar or sweeteners to our products to please not dedicated, occasional fitness enthusiast. We want the real deal.

You need to make sure that you pay close attention to the six key factors below; otherwise, you are not going to lose the weight that you are looking for.

You have to understand that losing weight is actually poor straight forward. It is all about reducing your calorie intake while increasing your physical activity. If you are able to do this or just one part of the equation consistently, you will lose weight. Ideally, you should move around more and eat less, but if you were just to eat less, and move around at the same level as before, you will lose weight. Similarly, if you increased your level of daily physical activity, and ate the equivalent amount of calories previously, you will lose weight. However, the healthy protein bars fit into all of this because they help you reduce your calorie intake while at the same time giving you the protein you need to tone and maintain your muscle mass.

Unfortunately, many protein bars fail to do that because while they are supposed to work that way, the ingredients of too many protein bars on the market are not up to standard. They really cannot get you to where you need to go because of the following factors. You need to keep a laser focus on these factors otherwise the protein bars that you are loading up on might not truly be doing you all that good. Sure, it benefits you at some level or other, but you could probably get better results with your efforts at losing weight if you used other healthy protein bars with different formulations. Please pay attention to the following factors.

Factor #1

Overall Calorie Footprint

A healthy protein bar has a lot of leeway regarding the calories it brings to the table. Still, the overall amount of calories that you should get from a protein bar should be reasonable. If you noticed that a protein bar carries 400 calories, that is probably not the protein bar for you. Why? After working out at the gym, you might be feeling very hungry and instead of going to McDonald’s or your local restaurant or loading up on junk food, you eat several protein bars. If each bar has an extremely low calorie footprint, then you are not going to regain whatever calories you lost at the gym both in terms of passive and active calorie burn rate. However, if each protein bar packs a huge amount of calories, it does not take much effort for your supposedly healthy protein bar regimen to add more calories to your daily intake. You might actually end up gaining weight using these bars. Is that not crazy? Our protein bars are as lean as 175 Kcal and among the lowest in calories of the market.

Factor #2

Taste Profile

This should be pretty straight forward. Whatever protein bar you eat must taste good to you. Not to your girlfriend, not to your buddies, but to you. After all, you are the person eating these bars. Insist on great-tasting bars. There are many products out there that look like rolled-up leaves and twigs. Those will not do you any favors. They might taste so nasty to you that you do not even eat them. How can you benefit from them if you do not consume them? Pretty straightforward, very simple.

Factor #3

This is what we care of: your nutrition and your fitness goals!

Dietary Fiber Content

Insist on a bar that has a very high level of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber has been shown in many clinical studies to do great wonders in making people’s digestive systems more regular. In addition to that, dietary fiber has been linked to better cholesterol management. The main reason why you should insist on eating only bars that have a high level of fiber is because a huge amount of fiber in your diet makes you fuller for a longer period of time. This enables you to eat less but still feel satisfied. If you are able to keep that up for an extended period of time, your calorie intake would go down, and you would lose weight consistently.

Factor #4

Protein Profile

When you are buying protein bars, make sure they have a huge amount of protein. Protein is what you need for muscle repair. It is what you need to build muscle mass and the more protein the item has, the larger and leaner your muscle mass will become. Make no mistake about it. Your diet works on a completely garbage-in, garbage-out system. Meaning if you eat garbage, your body is going to look like garbage. Pretty straightforward. You are what you eat.

Factor #5

Protein Source

Again, you are what you eat. Look at the bar’s protein source. If it is a very fatty source of protein, then that bar is not really good. You need a lean protein source. Less fat, more protein. The more protein, the better. Furthermore, try to stay away from soy-based proteins. Soy has been shown to cause all sorts of hormonal issues.

Factor #6

Shelf Life

This is a bit tricky because you have to understand that when you buy a product that can last years on the shelf, it is usually packed with preservatives. For the most part, preservatives are not very good for your health. At the same time, you would not want to buy a bar that would get all moldy after a week. The rule of thumb here is to maximize the accessibility and convenience of the bar while conversely looking for bars that have reduced amounts of preservatives. Look for natural preservatives. Look for zero-salt or low-salt, low-sodium options.

Ironfit Food Protein Bars shelf life is “only” 45 days in the fridge, as they are made only with natural ingredients.

Is soreness a good thing?

Is soreness a good thing?


As a matter of fact, soreness means that something happened during your training and it is most of the time a good sign. On an average, soreness happens to everybody, but more often to the beginners (or to those who don’t train regularly) than to the neophytes or the seasoned athletes. It also simply happens to the muscular groups that we don’t target often. The best example is to look at those who are doing legs once in a while and end up not being able to walk or seat properly after their legs workout session. Therefore, once we are training regularly, soreness tends to appear less often as our muscles got used to the intensity of the exercises. Many people worry when they feel soreness, especially when it comes 24h to 72h after the workout. Actually, soreness is just constituted by microscopic injuries or tears of the muscles, caused by the intensity of the flexion during the workout. It comes along with an inflammation that makes it painful and can also lead to an overall body weakness.

So why is it a good sign? Simply because when you are training you are seeking the hypertrophy (increase in muscle size and shape) of your muscles. This hypertrophy is created by the repeated flexion of the muscular group you are targeting that, technically, is damaging your muscular cells which, as an ultimate result, will give you the fit shape and size you are looking for.


There are several ways to recover quickly from the soreness:
– Sleeping
– Salt bath
– Taking supplements: Protein Bars (Iron Fit Protein Bars are all natural and rich in BCAA and Glutamine, helping the recovery), protein powder, BCAA, creatine etc…
– Drinking more water
– Stretching
– Massaging


How about the recovery time? As said, this will depend on several factors such as the sleeping hours, the nutrition, the frequency and the intensity of the workout,  the stress and so on. No matter how painful or how long your soreness feeling will be, just embrace it as a sign that you did your job at the gym and remember: “no pain, no gain”.


Ben – Iron Fit Food
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How can I train if I am traveling regularly?

How can I train if I am traveling regularly?


I often hear people telling me that they can’t be fit just because they are constantly traveling around. Well, when we travel, we all agreed it is not convenient to carry in our luggage some dumbbells and barbells. However, we can tailor our very own body weight workout routines. In that case it is important to master some basic exercises that you can do anywhere such as the planks, body weight squats, mountain climber, lunge, triceps dips, flutter kick, push-ups etc… If you want to go furthermore with your training and you think body weight exercises are too limited in term of variety and results, then I suggest you to buy a packable workout gear such as a resistance bands, a skipping rope, a foam roller or even a sling trainer (e.g. TRX), this kind of equipment is light, easy to carry on, easy to use and it can be installed quickly everywhere on the doors, walls etc…


When you are traveling, the best solution is definitely to go to a hotel with a fitness facility, so before booking any room always have a look at the list of the facilities of your hotel. And if your hotel don’t have any fitness facility? Then you can always search on the internet (e.g. Google map) for the closest gym to your hotel. So don’t let a simply nasty trip being an excuse to stop your training, you have to be motivated more than ever, especially since traveling can also mess up with your nutrition and your sleep habits, both necessary for a good recovery, maintaining your muscular mass burning fat and so on.

And regarding the nutrition? As stated above, traveling can also mess up with your nutrition, too much carbs, not enough protein, tiny portions and late meals. One of the solution is to take supplements. There is several supplements available on the markets, all made for different purposes, fat burning, bulking up, sleeping etc…. However, the most important point is to make sure that your intake of protein is high enough. To make it simple I suggest your daily protein intake to be of 2g of protein per kg of body weight in order to maintain your muscular mass. It is often a hard task when we travel and this is the reason why protein bars such as the Iron Fit Food bars are an outstanding solution. If your aim is to low down your carbs intake then you will go for the Performance bars, if your aim is to bulk up you will go for the Brownies or the Energy, if you are in between and need an all-rounder then you will go for the Original bars. Anyway, always keep in mind that being fit requires discipline and motivation, it is like anything else in life, just a matter of priority.


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Could you get slimmer by doing crunch exercise?

Could you get slimmer by doing crunch exercise?

When I go to the gym I am strike by the amount of people who are spending some 10min or more just doing stomach crunch. Many of them think that they will get slimmer or perhaps get “the six pack” should I say, by hammering their stomach for several minutes in a row. Well, I will never say it enough, we cannot target the fat loss!

So just doing crunch exercise in order to burn out the intramuscular abdominal fat will not bring you any kind of six pack. By the way the scientific team from the University of Virginia recently discovered that we would have to do some 250,000 crunches to burn some 450g of fat. This is the equivalent of doing 100 crunches per day for 7 days.

We also know that to burn fat cardio is a good solution however if you go for a long cardio, such as more than 10 minutes, you take the risk to also lose some muscular mass on the way. Therefore, one of the method I suggest is to work out all your muscles especially the big muscle groups (chest, legs…) and the lower back muscles because they are the muscular group which burn the most calories. And regarding cardio? Well I suggest you to go for a daily cardio of 10 minutes maximum using bicycle or elliptical. Yes, you heard it, 10 minutes maximum, I personally go for 7 minutes sharp and 5 to 6 days per week. That way it will strip of the fat and prevent the lactic acids to make you losing that precious muscular mass.

Finally, don’t forget that doing crunch is a good way to strengthen your abdominal muscles and to give them a nice shape. If you want to have sharp and fit abs, then I suggest you a combination of cardio, diet and abdominal exercise. The nutrition is also important because abs are muscles. So keep in mind that to maintain your muscular mass you need about 2g of protein per kg of body weight and per day. The Iron Fit Food products are here to help you reach that goal:


Reach your goals and push up your limits with Iron Fit Food


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