What Is The Best Diet For Building Lean Muscle?

How important is a good diet in order to build muscle?

Did you think building a lean muscle is unachievable for you? Do you want to know how you can build lean muscle with a perfect and healthy diet? Then continue reading … First of all, a good diet is helpful to the body, helping to grow the body in all ramifications. At Iron Fit Food, we believe a healthy diet is one that will help your body and improve your overall health. It provides the body with essential nutrition like fluid, macro, and micro-nutrients and more than enough calories to help the body function correctly. Also, a healthy diet will help build your muscles and keep you in shape. In this article, I will show you some of the best diets that will help you build lean muscles and put your body in perfect shape, but before getting into the best diet for building lean muscles, let’s get to know what Lean muscle is. 

What is a Lean Muscle? 

This is a term used to describe body composition. It could be both aesthetical and for overall health reasons. A lean muscle simply doesn’t contain fat. However, beware not to confuse lean muscle with lean body mass. Indeed, lean body mass includes muscle mass, body water and bones! In getting lean muscles, both nutrition and physical activities, especially muscle building workouts are needed. You need to challenge your body by doing physical exercises as well as eating a good diet. A diet for building lean muscles is focused on muscle development, which enables you to perform better in the gym. It also helps you to physically recuperate and progress much faster. I will show you the best diet to build a healthy lean body that you so much desire. Lean muscle can be achieved; I meant you can gain lean muscle; having lean muscle is not an impossible task. In fact, all you need is an excellent diet to complement your training. Like we say 30% of muscles are made in the gym, the rest 70% are made in the kitchen.

Below are 3 best diets that can help you to build lean muscle:

Counting Calories: 

To maximize muscle growth and minimize excess fat, you need to take the right amount of calories and do ensure that you don’t abuse it. Why? Because if you eat more calories than your body needs you will to gain weight, mostly under the form of fat. Research showed that in order to gain muscles most active men (with a physical activity 4 days a week) need an average of 40 kcal per kg of body weight and per day. While most women need 29 kcal per kg of body weight. In Other words, if you are a man and your body weight is of 75kg then you will need 3,000 calories per day to build muscles. If you are just starting out Fitness 40 calories is enough for you. If you are intermediate you may go for 45 calories. Counting calories can be an efficient diet to get lean muscle. But simply slashing calories won’t get you there. In fact don’t skip the gym and do your best at each workout session, so you burn fat and get the maximum pump from your muscle.  

High Protein Diet: 

A diet for building lean muscles need protein because they play a vital role in muscle building and recovery. Like calories, you wouldn’t like to go overboard with it. That being said, if you take 2g of protein per kg of body weight and per day it is enough for optimal muscle growth. Since protein is the main component of your muscles, it is the key to succeed in building up lean muscles. The advantage of a high protein diet is that it can help you build lean muscle and torch fat without calorie counting or portion control, as long as you eat enough vegetables alongside your steak. However, with this type of diet you will have to limit your carbs and eat enough lipids with good fat. So your body can use them to fuel your muscles during your workout. For this type of diet 50% of your daily calories should come from protein, 30% from fat and 20% from carbs. Finally, always chose animal proteins, such as meat, milk, eggs, because they are complete proteins that contain all the essential amino acids your body needs. The Iron Fit Food Natural Protein Bars, can be of a great help here. Indeed, they provide protein from several ingredients such as: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed, cashew nuts etc. you can easily buy our protein bars in our store.

Iron Fit Food. The Best Natural Protein Bars In Thailand
Iron Fit Food. The Best Natural Protein Bars In Thailand
Keto Diet: 

The traditional nutrition and Fitness protocol assumed you need to take enough carbs to help enhance your gym performance and workout. Indeed, carbs are converted into glycogen, which is stocked in your muscles in order to fuel your workouts and create an anabolic response. The truth is, it is possible to build up lean muscles on a low carb diet, by doing a ketogenic diet. For it to happen, you have to teach your body how to use fat instead of carbs as a fuel. 75% of your daily calories should come from fats, 20% from protein and 5% from carbs. As scary as it sounds, this is a very efficient and long-term diet. And it takes time to manage because of the “keto adaptation” phase! During this period, you may see a decrease of strength. You may even get tired, because your body will ask for a dose of carbs in order to get the job done at the gym. This is when most people give up! When you are on a keto diet good fat and protein snacks are your best friends. It is then crucial to get a good amount of protein at the right time, especially after a workout. The Iron Fit Food protein bars contain protein and good fat (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut butter…).

build up lean muscles with a Ketogenic Diet
Build up lean muscles with a Ketogenic Diet

Different metabolisms means different diets.

We are all different, with different metabolisms, lives, potentials, ages and experience. So the best diet for building lean muscle will depend on each person. You must experiment and try which diet will fit you the most. However, no matter which diet you chose, the keys to build up lean muscle and more generally to be healthy is to do exercise and to eat good food. Indeed, exercise and diet is the way to go for building lean muscles. You will also need to change your lifestyle, as well as work toward progression and consistency. In harmony, you will definitely need balance in dieting and exercise.

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by Benoit Labrunhie