Energy Protein Bar เอ็นเนอร์จี โปรตีนแท่ง


A delicious 60g energy bar made with the Mass gainer “Ronnie Coleman King Mass”. 215 Kcal for 25g of mass gainer, 10g of protein enriched with BCAAs and Creatine, dried raisins, dried prunes, pumpkin seeds, fruit muesli, sunflower seeds, oat, white sesame, low fat peanut butter, and coconut milk.

Our Energy Bars are the perfect food supplement for those who need a quick energy intake and in a good amount. Good as a pre workout, as a post workout or as a snack, they will help you to gain muscle mass, recover and reach you limits.

Ingredients: 17.39g of Ronnie Coleman signature King Mass, 10g of flavored protein enriched in BCAA and creatine, dried raisins (4.44g), dried prunes (5.04g), pumpkin seeds (1.02g), fruit muesli(7.41), sunflower seeds(2.37g), oat (60g), white sesame(0.93), low fat peanut butter(5.04), coconut milk(5g). Sodium Propionate 0.2%

Protein: 11g

Kcal: 215

Net weight: 60g

Storage: 45 days in the fridge

Order by 10 bars    Handcrafted premium protein bars, no sugar added…

Minimum Qty: 10
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Ingredients Grams per bar Protein per bar Kcal per bar creatine per bar glutamine per bar
King Mass by Ronnie Coleman 25.20 6.05 103.81 0.25 0.25
Oat 4.44 0.53 18.84
Coconut milk 5.00 0.06 7.50
Reduced fat Peanut butter 5.04 0.98 26.58
Pumpkin seeds 0.93 0.37 5.93
sunflower seeds 1.78 0.44 11.56
Fruit Muesli (Banana, fig, pear, apricot…) 7.41 0.74 27.11
Sesame 0.93 0.17 5.31
Dried Prune 3.78 0.08 9.44
Dried Black Raisin 3.70 0.15 9.89
Total 58.20 9.57 225.97
Weight 55 g
Dimensions 10 x 4 x 4 cm


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