Baked Protein Cookie โปรตีนอบคุ๊กกี้


Baked “Oat-raisin-banana-cashew nuts” Protein Cookie. This 40g soft and delicious cookie will soon become your excuse for training. 12g of protein for only 144kcal. Made with fresh banana, flavored whey protein, dry raisin, oat and cashew nuts. Diameter: 6.5cm and thickness of about 2.4cm. A great post workout and healthy snack. Our protein bars are freshly made per order and delivered all over Thailand to your doorstep or to your favorite gym.

Ingredients for 1 cookie: about 15g banana, 4.78g banana flavored whey protein, 2.1g unflavored whey concentrate, 16g oats, 4.9g egg, 9.53g peanut butter, 0.4g Cashew nuts , 6g dry raisin, 0.2% Sodium Propionate.

Total Protein: 10.30g          

Total Kcal: 146         

Total Carbohydrates: 18g          

Net weight: about 40g

Storage: 45 days in the fridge

Order by 12 cookies    Handcrafted Premium Protein Bars


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Ingredients Grams per cookie
Gold standard whey protein 53.36
Whey Concentrate Agri Mark USA 21
Oat 160
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter 93.34
Fresh Banana 180
Cashew Nuts 3.99
Dry Raisin 60
Total 571.69



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