Could sleep deprivation make me fatter?

Yes! Sleep deprivation can cause you to pack on extra kilos of fat.

Yes! Sleep deprivation can cause you to pack on extra kilos of fat. When we don’t sleep enough, our metabolism slows down to save energy. As a result the body will start to release the evil hormone Cortisol, which is increasing hunger (besides reducing the protein synthesis, halting tissue growth, reducing muscle mass, increasing abdominal fat …). On top of that, the level of Leptin hormone also known as the “satiety hormone” is dropping down, so you just end up craving for more food. And if you think you could go to the gym and burn out some more calories by training early morning with an empty stomach, then you are wrong… Because one of the several consequences of sleep deprivation on the metabolism is a big decrease of energy burned over a 24 hour period.

What the Scientists say?

Scientists even said that a 4h sleep a night could increase the risk of obesity by 73% (50% for 5h and 23% for 6h). I suggest to sleep between 7h to 9h per night, especially if you are workout out at the gym regularly. This is also for an obvious matter of muscle recovery. Indeed, as a reminder you are building up muscular mass thanks to anabolism. For it to happen you need, among other things, a good nutrition, no stress and more than anything sleeping well.

As you understood, sleeping is more than important if you want to stay fit and healthy!

By the way, when you are craving so bad for food, please adjust your diet accordingly to your physical activity. Don’t forget to eat enough calories to recover after a hard workout session, and to slow down your carbs intake if you already have a diet rich in carbs or if you want to burn out some fat. The Iron Fit Food bars are a great solution for your diet. Whether you need to stay lean, burn fat, gain muscular mas, they will help you to reach your goals.

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by Benoit Labrunhie