Bangkok Fitness Coach

IRON FIT COACH Bangkok Fitness Coach


Bangkok Fitness Coach is…

Right in Bangkok and just for you:

  • A professional and experienced team of coaches just for you
  • A great availability within Bangkok
  • A constant source of motivation
  • A tailor made training



Your 1ST session with Bangkok Fitness Coach


Your 1st session gives us the ability to tailor a training program specifically for you, whether you are a seasoned athlete or you have never worked out before. We will take you through a short assessment, to know your key lifestyle, physical potential, your motivation… in order to assist you efficiently to reach your goals and adapt the training to your need.



We simply build the workouts for you, in advance or at each different sessions. The workout session will be adapted to your potential and goals. You just have to follow them to get results.



Nutrition is one of the most important factor in a successful program. Under request we will assist you in order to get a better nutrition. But don’t forget it’s your long-term lifestyle habits that get you results.



Motivation is one of the several keys that lead to success. When it comes to fitness, motivation is the result of a clear understanding of your goals. Our team is here to help you understand you goals, why and how it is important for you to reach them. When you want something so bad, when deep into heart you need it, the motivation just come to knock at your door and help you to reach your goals, making you focus on results rather than the time and pain to get there.


THE TEAM of Bangkok Fitness Coach

Benoit Labrunhie

Founder and Owner, Iron Fit Group

Over the last decade, I have transformed myself into one of Bangkok’s premier Fitness coach. Highly skilled at technique, I train and coach clients in different places, create unique fitness programs for people who wish to be coached and also draw up trainings for other personal trainers as well as professional athletes from several backgrounds. Whatever your level and background, I will help you reach all your physique, strength, and nutritional goals by creating a specialized plan just for you.


Your goals:

You want to lose weight? Burn fat? Get fit? Build stronger defined muscles? Get a flat stomach? Improve your sport performances? Eat better? Sleep better? Get motivated? Feel happier? Or even learn efficient self-defense techniques based on Wing Tsun? I’ve always achieved great results with people of all ages and skills, as well as on myself! I’m specialized in sustainable Weight Loss, Fitness and Bodybuilding through a blend of training techniques, mindset and nutritional advice. I also love to motivate people to help them to reach their goal.



If you decide to train with me, we’ll start by defining your needs (goal, target, motivation. . .), an in depth fitness assessment, then use a variety of training methods up to the available equipment at your condominium, a gym or any other place of your choice. There is no “holly-ultimate-truth” when it comes to training, because everybody has different goals, body, skills. . .etc Therefore training with me is 100% tailored to meet your specific needs and what you enjoy so it’s very effective and great fun, on top of being efficient.


I’ll give you nutritional guidance under request, a personalized food plan and motivational coaching to ensure you succeed in changing your eating and exercise habits so you Lose weight and burn fat, get fitter and feel more confident!





Owner and Founder, Iron Fit Group

Coach in Fitness and Personal Development