Understanding how muscle synthesis works to optimize your workouts

How muscle synthesis works

To build muscle, you need protein. Muscles, after all, are made up of protein. Protein, in turn, can be broken down into amino acids. There are many different types of amino acids and this is where a lot of people looking to pump up their muscle mass fail. They think that one amino acid is just as good as another amino acid.

The thinking is once you’ve seen one type of amino acid, you’ve pretty much seen them all. This is a fatal mistake as far as building muscle mass is concerned. Seriously. You have to eat foods that have the right amino acids. Otherwise, you either have to increase the amount of protein you eat just to get the same level of amino acids, or you’re simply not going to get as big as you want, as quickly as you want.

Working out in muscle synthesis: The breakdown

To build muscle, you must first break down your existing muscle to make way for new muscle. This is pretty straightforward. This is why you feel sore after hitting the gym after a long time of inactivity. There has to be a breakdown period.

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Working out in muscle synthesis: The buildup

After you’ve reached a point where you were sore, the secret to building muscle is to power through that sore period. In other words, you should not rest. You should not quit. While you may lower the intensity or the number of repetitions of your weight lifting exercises, you should keep at it. This is the buildup phase.


This is exactly the stage where you need the right amino acids because your body has broken down some muscles and not it’s repairing that muscle. Integrating with the right supplements is important and Iron Fit Protein Bars contain all the macros that will speed up and help the recovery process. If it repairs that muscle properly, it actually adds to the mass of the muscle. You get bigger.

During the breakdown phase, your body suffers millions, or even billions of tiny scarring or damage in your muscle mass. During the buildup phase, your body plugs up those tiny tears to create bigger muscle mass. This is how you build muscle. It’s really all a simple process of breaking down and building up.

Powering this complete process are of course, amino acids. Protein bars ensure that you have the amino acids you need to build up muscles. By eating protein bars consistently and in the right doses throughout the day or in certain strategic times of the day, you ensure that your muscles are repaired properly. This is important. At the very least, your muscles are healed correctly.

Next, when you ensure that you’re ingesting the right type of amino acids, you also pave the way for your muscles to get built up the right way. The key to all this is to be mindful of your protein intake. Be mindful of the total amount that you’re ingesting. You also have to be mindful of the type of protein you’re ingesting.

Quick warning about intermittent fasting

One of the hottest trends among body builders now is to lose fat quickly and gain muscle through intermittent fasting. Make no mistake about it, intermittent fasting is highly effective that’s why it’s so popular. The problem is you can actually lose a tremendous amount of muscle with intermittent fasting if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you are fasting, make sure that you don’t fast longer than 16 hours. Once you go past that 16 hours, your body would start breaking down your muscle tissue to release glucose. Do yourself a big favor, when you’re doing intermittent fasting, pump up your system with amino acids, both from meals and from protein bars to make sure that these are available for optimal repair and tissue building. You might want to decrease the amount of carbs you take while increasing the amount of protein bars you eat.

by Matteo Iannelli

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