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At Iron Fit Coach, we have a team of dedicated people in Bangkok. They all have different backgrounds and they all share the same passion for Fitness. You can train with any of them under request and if they are available in your location, requested days and times. Whether you live along Sukhumvit or any other location in Bangkok.



Founder and Owner, Iron Fit Group

Ben is the Thailand’s most experienced personal trainer as well as one of the France’s most accomplished fitness professionals. Over the last decade, he transformed himself into one of Bangkok’s premier Fitness coach. Highly skilled at technique, he train and coach clients in different places, creating unique fitness programs for people who wish to be coached and also draw up training for other personal trainers as well as professional athletes from several backgrounds. Whatever your level and background, he will help you reach all your physique, strength, and nutritional goals by creating a specialized plan just for you. Native from France, Ben has trained clients in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Nîmes, Nice. Beside Thailand, Ben also operates a Fitness Industry company and training in Saigon, Vietnam. Formerly French Army Physical Training Instructor, he can provide expert advice to individuals and even adapt the training level to professional athletes who need mental health and resilience support and be “Fit to Fight” throughout their careers.

Your goals:

You want to lose weight? Burn fat? Get fit? Build stronger defined muscles? Get a flat stomach? Improve your sport performances? Eat better? Sleep better? Get motivated? Feel happier? Or even learn efficient self-defense techniques based on Wing Tsun? He always achieved great results with people of all ages and skills! He is specialized in sustainable Weight Loss, Fitness and Bodybuilding through a blend of training techniques, mindset and nutritional advice. He also love to motivate people to help them to reach their goal.


If you decide to train with Ben, you’ll start by defining your needs (goal, target, motivation. . .), an in depth fitness assessment, then use a variety of training methods up to the available equipment at your condominium, a gym or any other place of your choice. There is no “holly-ultimate-truth” when it comes to training, because everybody has different goals, body, skills. . .etc Therefore training with him is 100% tailored to meet your specific needs and what you enjoy so it’s very effective and great fun, on top of being efficient.


He’ll give you nutritional guidance under request, a personalized food plan and motivational coaching to ensure you succeed in changing your eating and exercise habits so you Lose weight and burn fat, get fitter and feel more confident!





Owner and Founder, Iron Fit Group

Coach in Fitness and Personal Development



Paul started very early in sports, from 6 years old he went into pro football under Manchester City FC school of excellence. After being with the club for 5 years he then found a new love for boxing. He was boxing for 10 years around the UK for Four Heatens boxing club. He was still playing football as well at the weekends.

Paul has been under some of the best coaches in the industry and loves helping people achieve their goals in life.

Losing weight, gaining muscle, stamina building, boxing, cardio, firming up.

After moving to Bangkok in 2001 he started training hard in he’s local gym, and he built on a great resource of experience and got an amazing reputation for being a great motivator and cool guy.
Paul knows how to building any kind of body and loves he’s body also.
His outlook on life and health/fitness is easy to see for anyone that’s meets him.

Paul’s passion is nutrition boxing weight lifting and living a healthy lifestyle. His core training techniques get our clients to wear they want to be.

Fire but firm, Paul is a great coach and his energy levels are through the roof. This affects anyone around him, and why he’s so popular.

Health body = healthy MIND.
Paul’s Location Any place near the BTS or MRT

Contact us and get fit now! Wherever you are living in Bangkok, contact us and together we will help you reach amazing results!
You can book your sessions by sending us an email now at: [email protected]

Kindly specify:

  • Your name and contact number
  • Where you would like to train. If you do not have a gym in your place, we can also find a place to train, such as a park or a gym located nearby.
  • The day(s) and time(s).
    Due to a very high demand, our schedules are limited. This is the reason why we suggest you to book and send us your requests early as possible.
  • Your goals

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