Is soreness a good thing?

Is soreness a good thing?


As a matter of fact, soreness means that something happened during your training and it is most of the time a good sign. On an average, soreness happens to everybody, but more often to the beginners (or to those who don’t train regularly) than to the neophytes or the seasoned athletes. It also simply happens to the muscular groups that we don’t target often. The best example is to look at those who are doing legs once in a while and end up not being able to walk or seat properly after their legs workout session. Therefore, once we are training regularly, soreness tends to appear less often as our muscles got used to the intensity of the exercises. Many people worry when they feel soreness, especially when it comes 24h to 72h after the workout. Actually, soreness is just constituted by microscopic injuries or tears of the muscles, caused by the intensity of the flexion during the workout. It comes along with an inflammation that makes it painful and can also lead to an overall body weakness.

So why is it a good sign? Simply because when you are training you are seeking the hypertrophy (increase in muscle size and shape) of your muscles. This hypertrophy is created by the repeated flexion of the muscular group you are targeting that, technically, is damaging your muscular cells which, as an ultimate result, will give you the fit shape and size you are looking for.


There are several ways to recover quickly from the soreness:
– Sleeping
– Salt bath
– Taking supplements: Protein Bars (Iron Fit Protein Bars are all natural and rich in BCAA and Glutamine, helping the recovery), protein powder, BCAA, creatine etc…
– Drinking more water
– Stretching
– Massaging


How about the recovery time? As said, this will depend on several factors such as the sleeping hours, the nutrition, the frequency and the intensity of the workout,  the stress and so on. No matter how painful or how long your soreness feeling will be, just embrace it as a sign that you did your job at the gym and remember: “no pain, no gain”.


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by Benoit Labrunhie

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